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We take pride in knowing that your bike leaves the shop in 100% showroom quality and meets all safety standards. Safety is our number one priority. We offer full service in detailing, repairs, transporting, apparel, and parts. Every unit is inspected upon arrival, and twice before release to ensure the best customer and unit service.



Some Common Maintenance to your motorcycle includes: Changing the Oil. Basic Tune-Up Procedures (Spark Plug Replacement) Adjusting the Drive Chain. Motorcycle Clutch Service. Brake System Service. Motorcycle Wheel Alignment. Tire Puncture Service and much more as deemed necessary.


As the name suggests, these services should keep your bike in good condition between full services. The service will very likely include an oil and oil filter change, as well as checks to brake callipers, pistons, cables, levers, pivots, wheel bearings, headlights, chain function and tyre pressure, among others.


Performing the right maintenance on your bikes suspension and tires not only ensures years of worry-free riding, but will also keep performance optimal and enhanced your experience on the bike. Each service interval indicates the maximun number of riding hours designated for each type of recommended maintenace. Depending on the terrian and environmental conditions in your riding location, your riding style and skill level, you may see more optimum performance if you service your suspension more often.

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